About Us

Mission Statement

The Union County Historical Society is the county organization responsible for the collection and preservation of objects relating to the history of Union County, Ohio.  The society actively and energetically collects items of local interest and uses them to educate and foster knowledge of Union County history in the community.

History of Union County

Union County was established on April 1, 1820, from portions of Delaware, Franklin, Madison and Logan Counties and part of the old Native-American Territory.  The entire county was within the Virginia Military District, being bounty lands given to Virginia soldiers for their service during the Revolutionary War.  Permanent settlement of the area began about 1798. The northern section of the county was part of the Native-American Tribes under the Greenville Treaty of 1795.  Today, Union County is one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio.  Although the county has seen considerable changes over the years, it has a strong tradition in the preservation of its past.

Journey Down Memory Lane

Tours begin as visitors walk through the replica door that came from the boyhood home of Vice-President Charles W. Fairbanks.  As you stroll through the 14 rooms of the Museum, you will discover items from bygone eras and experience a touch of nostalgia when you see the products made by area businesses.  Can you imagine what life was like if you had to use Dower Chests, Mammy Rockers, Wooden Plows, Ice Boxes and Pie Safes.



Notable Union County Residents

Colonel Noah Orr (1836-1882)
"Union County Giant"
Born in Union County, Ohio, Colonel Noah Orr grew to a height of nearly eight feet tall.  Orr with many circuses and shows including Barnum's Museum in New York City.  His large chair and size fourteen shows are on display at the Historical Society Museum.
    Charles Warren Fairbanks (1852-1918)
Vice President of the United States
Charles Fairbanks was born and raised in Union County.  Fairbanks was a lawyer, U.S. Senator and Vice President of the United States from 1905 to 1909.  Fairbanks School District in Union County and Fairbanks, Alaska are named in his honor.
Reuben L. Partridge (1823-1900)
Bridge Builder
Reuben Partridge began building wood truss bridges in Union County in the 1850s and patented a bridge truss design in 1872.  There are four original covered bridges remaining in Union County, all of which were built by Reuben Partridge.  His home at 245 West 7th Street in Marysville was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2021.
O.M. Scott (1837-1923)
After the Civil War Orlando M. Scott relocated to Marysville.  He owned and operated a hardware stores in Marysville that sold 99.9% weed-free seed. His seed operation developed into the internationally known ScottsMiracle-Gro Company.